Flynotes 2.0: Our Biggest Release To Date!

Flynotes 2.0: Our Biggest Release To Date!

Our Biggest Release To Date!


After listening to your valuable feedback, we have just launched our biggest update yet. We know you're going to love it. Want to know what's involved? Keep on reading!


Multi-practice support 

Flynotes now offers multi-practice support to clinicians - this allows for a clinician to effortlessly switch between their different practices using the same credentials. This feature has been developed to support clinicians who work at multiple locations. 

User management 
The new user management feature enables clinicians to create, edit and manage practice users. Clinicians can take full control of their account management, adding and removing staff members as required. 

Tailored consents
Clinicians are now able to customise their consent forms to suit their needs and preferences. The ability to modify and tailor parts of the consent, offers clinicians the opportunity to improve their consent requirements. 

Practice and dentist level dashboards
New dashboards have been added to provide clinicians and practice managers with a real-time overview of the practice and user account activity. 

Supporting procedures
When creating a new consent form, a ‘supporting procedures’ feature has been added to display additional options to choose from if required. These are bespoke to suit each treatment. 

New transparent UI
We have redesigned the Flynotes interface with a sleeker and more modern look. We have looked to improve the ease of use for an enhanced customer experience.

Patient’s medical context 
The new release includes an improved interface in terms of patient management which provides clinicians with easy access to all treatment plans and forms submitted (if any) from each patient. This allows for a seamless integration between the patient’s records and Flynotes. 

Forms & Documents
Clinicians are now able to send specific forms to gather information from patients like medical history.