Founded by a dentist to help other dentists

Founded by a dentist to help other dentists

Welcome to our latest blog! Over the past four years Flynotes has grown into one of the fastest-selling dental software platforms, how did it all begin?  

Flynotes’ Founder and CEO, Govin Murugachandran, in his final year at King’s College London studying dentistry to become a dual-qualified Maxillofacial Surgeon, witnessed his friends and colleagues growing concern over the increase in litigation surrounding informed consent, following the landmark case of Montgomery vs Lanarkshire Health Board in 2015. Govin set out with a big idea, he wanted to support the dental community with easy-to-use digital consent software solutions. And thus, in 2017, Flynotes was born. 


The reality of the idea was soon recognised, Flynotes would not work by simply being a library of templated consent forms. To comply with Montgomery, consent needed to not only be ‘a form’ a patient signed, but a tailored journey of information and understanding. Templated forms were never going to achieve informed consent. This was the point when realisation set in for Govin, Flynotes would need to become an AI-driven software platform that could read free text medical history and then apply Snomed Codes to the medication and medical conditions. The AI technology would also need to highlight  increased risks based on the patient’s medications and medical history and offer ‘alternative procedures’ to the procedure discussed with the patient.

Since 2018, The Flynotes AI technology became the backbone of every evolutionary step, and the platform has evolved rapidly. The team have been able to develop Flynotes with valuable input from our customers and thought leaders across the UK. Flynotes is able to fully tailor the platform to clinicians’ needs. Our recent update on the platform included features and functionalities requested by practice teams. You can find the full details of what the update included here.


In 2020, our efforts were recognised and we were nominated and shortlisted as finalists for two Dental Industry Awards: Innovation and Product Launch of the Year and Customer Service Provider of the Year.

Towards the end of 2020, we were approached by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP) to build a universal Fallow Time Calculator, (MyFTC), to support dentists throughout the UK safely record and audit their fallow times in accordance with FGDP guidance. Backed by the CDO’s office, and partnering with both FGDP and Practice Plan, Flynotes was able to launch MyFTC successfully in October as a free-to-use tool. MyFTC has helped over 6,000 dental professionals improve operational capacity during COVID. The success of the calculator has meant that it is now integrated onto the Flynotes platform. To find out more about MyFTC, click here.

Want to know what plans we have for the future? We update our website almost daily with updates and announcements, which includes new products and platforms which sit under the Flynotes brand - make sure to check back regularly! Alternatively, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.