Article Review: North west comes top for dental negligence claims

Article Review: North west comes top for dental negligence claims

Article Review-
Key Points:

“The north west has been revealed as the top region for successful dental negligence claims in England and Wales”

Between 2018 and 2020, 325 negligence claims were settled in the NW.

Some of the common claims cover (research conducted by the Dental Law Partnership):
  • Misdiagnosis or missing a dental condition with the consequence of the issue worsening or the requirement of additional avoidable treatment
  • Failure to obtain patient consent and understanding of a treatment before carrying it out
  • Injuries or traumas to teeth, gums, jaw, face etc.
This raises the question around why patients raise more claims in certain areas of the country against their dentist, and one of the reasons could simply be that poor treatment is being provided by some individual dentists.

That being said, research shows that patients have been “understanding” about the changes and new ways of working in dental practices; and some of these changes will likely remain in place post-COVID (ex: remote consultations is popular with 55%). In addition, a vast majority of dentists (60%) are concerned about claims etc.

How can Flynotes help?

Flynotes is there to avoid putting dentists and dental professionals in above claim 2.  We put a lot of focus on the importance of creating the consent forms for procedures, but not the consequences that can occur. The FTC is also there for practices in terms of the changes in practice operations due to COVID.

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