The benefits of going paperless with Flynotes

The benefits of going paperless with Flynotes

We are fast approaching a digital era.

An article released last week by Maya Samuel of Dentistry Online asked the question: How can you make your dental practice more sustainable?

Within the published article, Maya talked about the digital era in which we are fast approaching. 

But how can you and your team play a part in working towards a more sustainable future?

Paper vs digital. 

Using Flynotes gives you the opportunity to go fully paperless, with paper notes rapidly becoming a thing of the past. 

Maya states that they are "a nightmare to store" as well as the obvious time-consuming factor of "traipsing through pages and pages of dental records to find information is incredibly tedious."


Flynotes offers a fully digital platform, cutting out the need for paper forms and notes. 

The software has built in communication, so that patients can contact the practice digitally and securely. 

Patient forms can be accessed wherever there is internet access via a two-factor authenticated log in for data protection purposes. 

Flynotes helps to limit the physical touch-points within practices, with a patient able to access their treatment plans and consent via their own device, eliminating cross-contamination.

Practice teams are able to manage their entire workflow electronically, restoring efficiency in-house.

Read the full article by Maya here