Adding Procedures: How to Request for a new one to be added and the information we need.

Adding Procedures: How to Request for a new one to be added and the information we need.

Should you find that Flynotes is missing Procedures that you commonly use, you can easily request for them to be added.  Once you have provided the information needed, the request will then be reviewed by our clinical team and they will be the ones to reach out to  you should they have any questions or need further clarification.
When making the request, please provide us with the following:
  1. Send a copy of the current consent form you are using for this particular procedure
  1. Send a copy of the information you provide to your patients regarding the procedure
The clinical team will then build the consent form attached to the form section by section in the same way used to create the Treatment Plan on Flynotes such as Method/Materials used, Support Procedures, Alternative Procedures and Anaesthetics,

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